100% Natural Chemical Free Soap

The Selby Soap Company is a small family run business that hand-manufactures and sells a small range of soap products that are not only beautiful to use but are kind to your body and good for your health. We are dedicated to not only creating personal care products that are chemical free but educating you in what this means.

At Selby Soap we believe that eliminating all chemicals from our personal care products is a very desirable move to make, especially considering the growing exposure to chemicals in all aspects of modern life. You will see that decisions in regard to the products we use to clean our own body and the clothes we put on it are more important than many people realise and becoming aware of what we are actually putting on our skin each day is an area that can have long term consequences.

Since petroleum based detergents were discovered in the early 1900s a concoction of chemicals has increasingly filled the ingredients lists of personal care products. The chemicals used are constantly changing over time but very few of them have been tested for their effects on human health, especially over the long term. Even if these chemicals were tested on humans their effects on our health are almost impossibly to isolate given the complex exposure humans have to a huge variety of different chemicals in our daily lives.