Selby Soap Co specializes in handmade, chemical free liquid soap. We have a small range of products that we concentrate on to ensure quality and freshness:
  1. Handwash

    A wonderful, luxurious natural soap handwash which is made from coconut oil, olive oil and small amounts of sunflower, castor and grapeseed oils, our handwash is a pure liquid soap. We have chosen not to add gums or thickeners so what you get is pure soap. It is a wonderful cleaner yet at the same time is very kind to the skin, allowing you to use it all day without drying out that precious outer layer of skin. Handwash-Triangular-4Varieties-SmallPeople who have dry skin or who have skin problems from the chemical loaded products available in the supermarkets will especially love our handwash. And although we label it a handwash, as a pure natural soap there is no reason why you shouldn’t use it on any part of your body. It’s only the essential oils that you may have to be careful about, some people could react to some of the essential oil options that we provide in our handwash range. Handwash comes in both 250ml triangular and 500ml squat pump bottles.

  2. Foamy Handwash Similar to our normal handwash but in a foamy bottle that dispensers our soap in an aerated foam that makes it easier for children or anyone that wants their soap to sit on their hands. It can be used as a shaving foam or just a general, useful soap for around the house. FoamyHandwash-180mlThe foaming action is created by a mechanical action built into the bottle which means the bottle can be refilled and will continue to distribute the wonderful, soft, luxurious foam. It comes in a 200ml bottle but filled only to 180ml to allow the air chamber to take in air for the foaming action.
  3. Organic Bodywash Similar in make up to our Handwash but using a higher percentage of Olive Oil, our Bodywash is made from mostly organic oils.Bodywash-500mlPump
  4. Laundry Liquid Our Laundry Liquid is also a pure soap, this time made with a high percentage of coconut oil, an oil that when made into soap has wonderful cleaning properties. This is a laundry liquid like no other, a simple soap together with the saponins from soapnuts and essential oils, it cleans beautifully and is wonderfully gentle and kind to fabrics. You can wash anything in it, woollens, cottons, silk, as well as any synthetics.

    LaundryLiquid4EORangeSmall You will never need to use a fabric softener or conditioner, and what’s more you can safely put your hands in it so that it is perfect for handwashing your delicate smalls that you might want to give special attention to. Suitable for both Front and Top Loaders it is a laundry liquid that is very bio degradable and most suitable for anyone that has a grey water recycling system.

  5. Citrus Cleaner 

    A wonderful natural cleaner that is non toxic and is fantastic on any surface from the enamel stove top to the glass of a window or shower screen,  it does them all. Again made from a pure soap that has been made from a high percentage of coconut oil, you will wonder after using this product, why people ever bothered with all those toxic chemicals to clean with. Citrus-Cleaner-500ml-SmallWe’ve included a very small amount of tea tree oil that has strong anti bacterial properties and sweet orange oil that is an added natural cleaner, this is a cleaner that you can safely use to clean your kitchen bench with the confidence that it isn’t going to leave a toxic residue that could slowly effect your family’s health.

  6. Dishwash Amazingly powerful and capable of cleaning any dish, pot or pan, this wonderful product can be used without rubber gloves. A pure soap product that is suitable for even the most sensitive skins and yet it is a powerful cleaner Dishwash-litre-bottleable to clean the leftovers of a potato cheese casserole that has slowly baked in the oven. Just allow a minute or so to soak and using a sponge and a elbow grease it will be sparkling clean in no time
  7. Block Soap

    Made from 100% Organic Coconut oil this soap is the most wonderful block soap you will ever use. The organic coconut oil gives a beautiful thick, soft lather that cannot be matched. In making the soap we ensure the alkaline base that is used to react with the acids in the coconut oil is discounted ensuring that a small amount of coconut oil remains ‘unsaponified’. BarSoap-OnStoneThis oil is trapped in the soap bar and gives the soap the wonderful richness that feels so luxurious and is so good for the skin. Check out our page on the benefits of Coconut Oil to read further on the wonders of this magnificent oil. We add a variety of Essential Oils to provide a choice of 9 lovely natural scents: Cinnamon Leaf, Clove, Lavender, Lemon Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Spearmint and Vanilla as well as a Natural which is made without any added essential oil